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These are my (currently) most important characters for the Infraflux setting. This page will probably shuffle around constantly as I try to figure out how I want to organise OCs (original characters) on this website, and as my interest in them waxes and wanes. Their pictures will take you to their ToyHouse profiles (an external site that hosts OCs) where you can usually find many more pictures of them to use as references etc.

Regular Citizens

Lenny LBRA Terning

Pronouns: he, they
Infraflux ID: PAO-01 (Inorganic person, Synth)
Location: London, Thames Estuary
Occupation: Construction surveyor and babysitter
Lenny is an ultra chill super friendly kinda guy who likes to hang out on a jetty and sunbathe the cyanobacteria that live under his synthetic skin. He's kind of a surfer dude archetype overlaid on a mechanical, nuclear-powered synthetic intelligence that grants him the ability to do lightning fast calculations in his head. His full name is Lenstra-Lenstra-Lovász Lattice Basis Reduction Algorithm Terning but only his parents call him that.


Pronouns: she, "that" will earn you a smack
Infraflux ID: PAO-03 (spontaneously generated person)
Location: London
Occupation: Old lady
Calliope is a very old Infraflux inhabitant from the earliest days of post-Cataclysm Earth, with around 400 years of experience that have taught her the value of "do no harm, but take no shit". Her small size and odd appearance belie a forceful personality and wit, which she makes apparent with very fluid Hand Sign and lightning fast text-to-speech and emojis on her wrist card.

バッハ/Bach (Bahha)

Pronouns: they, he
Infraflux ID: PAO-01 (inorganic person, Synth)
Location: Shinmen City
Occupation: Hired muscle, thot
Your generic henchman, but this one is made of ceramic and full of cherry red oil! Bahha is as dense as a brick and just as heavy. He enjoys casual violence, sex, and comic books, and is easily befuddled by complex problems. He's also about 2m tall, beautifully chiselled, and can hit things real good, so he's not too bothered by his lack of intellectual complexity, that shit's for nerds.

Kasrou Euler

Pronouns: they, she
Infraflux ID: PNO-01 (natural organic person)
Location: London
Occupation: programmer, UI/UX designer
Kasrou is a short fluffy bashful nerd who is big in the custom apps scene, enough for her to afford a lovely apartment with a view over March London's lush green Ring Park. She spends her days absorbed in her work, spectating online drama, and spending time with her beloved SAI romantic partner J0Y, who lives deeper in town in the Digital Quarter. Kas is a normal average citizen living her best life to whom nothing too exciting has ever happened and that's exactly as it should be.


Pronouns: they
Infraflux ID: PAO 01/02 (sapient AI person with synthetic physicality)
Location: London
Occupation: artist, poet
J0Y wants you to think deeper on the loves and the intimacies of consciousness! Have you ever wondered why and how we think? Perhaps you will find inspiration by randomly stumbling across their poetry sites online; weird tangled art pieces of broken phrases, graphics, and file downloads. It could be fun! Or perhaps repulsive? Art is subjective! What IS art? J0Y is a fully digital SAI consciousness who is at home in a cozy cooled server room, but they also have a heavy wirelessly-controlled body they can experience the world through on foot. Often their side screens are decorated with motion graphics from their beloved partner Kasrou.

Morris Qey

Pronouns: he
Infraflux ID: PNO/ETP 01 (organic person/extraterrestrial mix)
Location: London
Occupation: public nuisance
I've had this bastard for half my lifetime and SOMEHOW he's still here. Morris is an abominable crossbreed of native Infraflux genetics and an extraterrestrial Geometrid, which is the kind of thing that can only happen on March Earth, since Geometrids have artificial bodies made of liquid crystal that are generally not designed for reproduction. Morris is a shapeshifting, smiling, charming sociopath of shallow heart, big gestures and warm hugs, ready with a dance and a laugh and a clever compliment, a night of raucous fun- and definitely none of that is to cover old trauma burned deeply into a too-smart mind.

The Crime House Gang

The Green Lotus Rehabilitation Society is a legitimate resource for those whose crimes have left them facing exile from the Infraflux Supercountry. It's definitely not a front for a universe-hating demi-Angel's collection of powerful criminals with damaged personalities.

Feher Nénuphar, "Facilitator"

Pronouns: they
Infraflux ID: UE (unknown entity), PNO-01 (natural organic person) :)
Location: ???
Role: Leader, founder, facilitator
Mysterious, calm individual who runs the Green Lotus Rehabilitation Society and the Wandering House. Seems to know you so well. They just want what's in your best interests, with no judgement on their part.

Chalice Calyx

Pronouns: they
Infraflux ID: PAO-04 (Shine-reliant inorganic person)
Location: ???
Role: Second in command, general management, magical utilities
Calyx is a very powerful wizard who is almost certain they know who and what Facilitator Nénuphar is, and may have developed an unhealthy obsession with them. Their magic sustains the Wandering House and various other utilities of the "rehab society" and despite their power they generally aren't out in the field doing things themself. Originally a prim, proper, and law-abiding citizen, their entanglement with the moral dubiousness of the Facilitator and associates has left them something of an emotionally unstable mess, with a beautiful cool facade that may crack at the most unexpected provocation.


Pronouns: various, Mr/tree is he
Infraflux ID: PAO-02 (sapient AI person)
Location: ???
Role: Surveillance, communication, tech, "the hacker"
What happens when a server stack with an incredibly intelligent SAI spontaneously generates with no senses in a place that has no connection to other sources of data? It sure isn't good! _/tree is an unpredictable aggregation of fractured personalities, whose names all end in /tree. Mr/tree is the lead personality- a megalomaniacal, attention-seeking manipulator- but you never know who or what you're going to get next. The _/tree SAI server stack was cut down by Cousin F and installed in the house. These days it is no longer blind and disconnected from the world, but has that improved things? ehhh.. *wavy hand motion*

Pluto Carousel

Pronouns: they, he
Infraflux ID: PNO-01 (natural organic person)
Location: ???
Role: Muscle, survival skills, general knowledge, area control, "the ranger"
Pluto is a huge, quiet person of few words, who believes in privacy and respecting people's boundaries. This means that in an Infraflux monitored and controlled by The Seven, they live a very angry existence and enjoy activities such as blowing up government facilities, swallowing communication towers into the ground, and turning police officers inside out. When not using their powerful witchcraft to do things like this, they enjoy quietly raising plants and trekking across the Wilds. Pluto is so private that even some of his closest associates don't know his name or preferred pronouns, just calling him "deer guy".

Effa (Effigy Of Charity)

Pronouns: they
Infraflux ID: PNO-01 (natural organic person)
Location: ???
Role: Muscle, targeted destruction, demolition, chaos, "the firepower"
Imagine the whiniest, snootiest, snarkiest person you've ever met. Now imagine they have giant, demonically strong hands at their beck and call and an absolute love of smashing things to smithereens. That's Effa! Effa is in it for the carnage but also for the theft: The thrill of stealing things considered valuable and taking them for their own. The demon whose hands come out of Effa's back is always in imminent danger of breaking through to the Material Plane entirely, but as far as Effa's concerned; eh, these things happen.

Hexagon Red

Pronouns: he, they, it
Infraflux ID: PAO-03/NPNO-02 (spontaneously-generated person/organism)
Location: ???
Role: Infiltration, anti-personnel
Red is a virus from the Cataclysm era who only has sapience when he has overtaken the body of a sapient organic individual. In order to exist, he must destroy. Hating the tragedy of his own existence, Hexagon Red sought out the rehab society hoping they could find a solution for him to exist without causing pain to others. Unfortunately, being a consciousness that can inhabit multiple bodies at once and transform them into horrible shapes is super useful! Woops.

OCs Made By Others 💙

Silas (Infraflux AU)- created by Dragoonfliy

Pronouns: they when disguised, he when openly human
Infraflux ID: PNO-04 (human) LOL whaaat no PNO-01 (natural organic person)
Location: ???
Occupation: Definitely not crimes haha
A 100% Bonafide Human living it up in Infraflux since fleeing his human-only commune Recluse State. Silas is a sneaky, slippery criminal for hire who is good at passing an everday veneer of just being a tall douchebag. A lot of "humans are the noble first children of Earth and have ancient wisdom UwU" illusions have been shattered by this man.

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