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Other cool places on the web that you can check out!

Cool Neocities!

Pages on Neocities you should totally go check out!! Some of these sites are very very WIP but I want them all in the same place so I can find them eheh

Websites I Like

Just some things and stuff!

  • Yume Nikki Online Project - Play the classic surreal game and its many fangames online, multiplayer or singleplayer!
  • Samorost 1 - Another free game, the first in the Samorost trilogy used to be an online Flash game but is now downloadable for mac and windows. It's very weird.
  • Kruggsmash (YouTube) - Kruggsmash is a gaming YouTuber who creates extended stories out of the complex RNG-based game Dwarf Fortress. His videos are narrated with humour and style, edited fantastically with voice acting and music, and he draws literally hundreds of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations for every series.
  • Heraldry Wiki - ever wanted to look up the meanings in a coat of arms? Or search by its elements?
  • A Complete Guide to Heraldry - More heraldry? Ok. Scrollable Gutenberg archive of a 600 page book from 1909 upon ye.
  • - Hakai Magazine is an awesome source for well-writen articles about the lastest scientific and social news from coastlines and coastal waters, I recieve their weekly email newsletter and I can highly recommend it if you're interested in ocean stuff. Many of their articles also come in audio format!
  • Animal Skeleton Collection - IDK why you have so many excellent high quality images of animal skeletons from multiple angles, Flickr user Jean-Christophe THEIL, but thank you.
  • Starfury Nose Art Info Site - Listen I know only like a small percentage of an already small fandom (Babylon 5) will find this even remotely interesting but you have to appreciate craftsmanship and dedication okay.

Non-English Sites

Coding Resources

Places to get things to put on your website, and places to learn how to put them on your website!

  • TEMPLATERR's "Jimmy" Page - extremely basic beginner HTML/CSS guide page, like Neocities' starter page but More. "View Page Source" with your browser to see the code or download site as a .zip here.
  • HTML Dog - The site I used to learn how to code this website! Simple chapter-based free courses with a fun silly writing style.
  • - Awesome resource hub for getting started with simple websites and learning how to navigate online, many "makers" and generators to simplify the process.
  • The Largest Button Collection On The Internet - They're not kidding: This site contains over 35k buttons.

Quazar Links

Ew, really? Ok. Here's other places you can look at things by me if you really want.

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