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Links! (WIP)

Other cool places on the web that you can check out!

Cool Neocities!

Pages on Neocities you should totally go check out!! Some of these sites are very very WIP but I want them all in the same place so I can find them eheh

Coding Resources

Places to get things to put on your website, and places to learn how to put them on your website!

  • HTML Dog - The site I used to learn how to code this website! Simple chapter-based free courses with a fun silly writing style.
  • - Awesome resource hub for getting started with simple websites and learning how to navigate online, many "makers" and generators to simplify the process.
  • The Largest Button Collection On The Internet - They're not kidding: This site contains over 35k buttons.

Quazar Links

Ew, really? Ok. Here's other places you can look at things by me if you really want.

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