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A list of silly nonsese words I've made up for my imaginary concepts. Mainly this is for me to copy-paste into definition tags. If you see an unfamiliar word anywhere on the site that's a slightly different colour to the rest of the text, like this, you can hover over it to see these definitions.

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This page will recieve constant updates as long as I am writing new pages elsewhere!

- [blank] Analog

Organism similar to a pre-Cataclysm creature, but not resembling it exactly. E.g.: a rose analog with blue silk petals.

- Angel (Infraflux et al.)

Highest planar entities; multi-dimensional embodiments of physical/mathematical law.

- ArchiLab

Infraflux research and development institute for synthesis and alteration of life, from GMO food to magical biomachines.

- ArchiFact

Manufacturing division of Infraflux's main organism engineering organisation ArchiLab.

- Biomachine

Controversial manufactured organisms in Infraflux that serve a purpose like tools, may be partially or fully synthetic.

- Black Fig

A light-consuming true species of March Earth plant, defining the amazonian region of The Dark Forest.

- The Black Kings

Twin sorcerer sons of the Nightmother, Medet and Niet, who warred against each other in Infraflux's past.

- The Cataclysm

The destabilisation of Earth in the late 2000's that created March Earth and the Infraflux setting.

- Catseyes

Sixty-one cat-like humanoid Synths with reflective glass eyes, created by the energy of an Angel passing along a road.

- Cold Ones

Lowest planar entities; frigid assemblages of chaos and disorder.

- Copperworm Network

Burrowing synth organism that seeks electronic signals, provides low bandwidth communication on March Earth.

- Darkbeast

Low-energy planar entities that impart lethargy and discord.

- Darwinchild, Darwinchild Species

A small number of sapient True Species of March Earth who "evolved" from intelligent pre-Cataclysm animals.

- Demon (Infraflux et al.)

High-energy planar beings that embody impulses and motivations.

- Dim

Lethargic force of chance and dissonance.

- Dim-tinted

A material plane creature radiating significantly or requiring the force of Dim to maintain their existence.

- Earth Sense

Infraflux term for what we would perceive as the normal rules and cycles of planet Earth.

- Enchanting (Infraflux)

The art of affixing a small piece of one's extraplanar self to an object, granting it magic. Mainly done with wizardry.

- Extraplanar

Relating to or originating from planes other than the Material Plane AKA the physical realm.

- Farsight Clinic

Medical branch in Infraflux that specialises in optional procedures that cost money, often cosmetic.

- Free Wilds

Areas of March Earth deemed too hostile, remote, or undesirable to be governed by any country.

- Freed

White-skinned radioactive humanoids from March Europe's Radioactive Zone.

- Geometrid

Highly intelligent ancient extra-terrestrial race that built themselves shapeshifting crystalline bodies to explore the galaxy.

- GP's, Government Police

Armed guards and enforcers, the Infraflux supercountry equivalent to a military.

- Hand Sign

Most common type of gesture language in Infraflux, requires hand-like appendages.

- Hookbearers

Mysterious deep sea cephalopod people of March Earth.

- Hotspot

Isolated zones of high energy, usually Dim or Shine, that create unusual phenomena.


Institute of Combined New Sciences. Main scientific organisation in Infraflux.

- Infraflux (country)

The huge supercountry that covers a large portion of March Earth.


London Designated Radioactive Area, district of March London. Usually called the Clicky Block.

- Lore

The force of narrative power and conceptual frameworks of intelligent life. If it seems, it is, etc.

- Magic (Infraflux)

Umbrella term for the various ways for people to utilise Shine, Dim, and their associated planar entities.

- March [blank]

A term to distinguish modern versions of things in Infraflux, eg: March London. Not used often by actual inhabitants.

- Material Plane

The plane of existence on which the universe as we know it sits.

- The Metropolis

Technological and political hub of March London.


A non-sapient Artificial Intelligence as we would understand it today.

- The Nightmother

Historical figure from March Scotland. Suspected to be a Cold One or Darkbeast with uniquely human-like qualities.

- Nihon Pidgin

Very hybridised dialect of english, japanese, and japanese/english loan words sometimes spoken in March Japan.

- Non

Strange void entities that have no existence of their own, and must parasitise off the existence of others.

- Phinny (person)

Sapient dolphin people of March Earth.

- Phinny (language)

The clicking, whistling language of March Earth's dolphin people; the main global language underwater.

- P-Horse

Fauna native to March USA that resemble motorcycles with horse heads.

- Pip

A temporary ID given to non-Infraflux citizens while in Infraflux territories.

- Planar Incursion

A crossover event by any entity between the Shine or Dim planes and the material plane.

- Raybender

Infraflux devices that use wizardry to warp and restrain harmful radiation.

- Recluse States

Countries/settlements on March Earth with strict border control that do not readily associate with other nations, if at all.


An (often bodiless) person composed of a digital intelligence, a self-aware AI.

- Semi-synth

Organic people or entities on March Earth with natural synthetic parts that function like organic parts.

- Senate (Infraflux)

Highest political ruling body in the Infraflux Supercountry, with 100-500 members.

- The Seven

Neural network AI that governs the supercountry Infraflux, named after its seven global biomachine "organs".

- Shine

Energetic force of physics and harmony.

- Shine-tinted

A material plane creature radiating significantly or requiring the force of Shine to maintain their existence.

- Sons of the Dark

Historical figures of Infraflux: The four powerful sons of the Dim entity known as the Nightmother.

- Sorcerer (Infraflux)

A March Earth inhabitant who uses the unpredictable force of Dim to alter reality directly.

- Sorcery (Infraflux)

The unpredictable, feared art of using Dim to alter reality; a type of March Earth magic.

- Spirit (Infraflux)

Extraplanar entities from the spirit planes, which reinforce or deform the meanings of things in the Material Plane.

- Spirit, cool-type (Infraflux)

Extraplanar entities from the first Dim plane, which deform the meanings of things in the Material Plane.

- Spirit, warm-type (Infraflux)

Extraplanar entities from the first Shine plane, which reinforce the meanings of things in the Material Plane.

- Spontaneous Generation, Spon-gen

Organisms manifesting by themselves on March Earth (usually in high-energy areas of some sort).

- Standard

Baseline income, services, and supplies provided to every Infraflux citizen.

- Summoner (Infraflux)

A March Earth magic user who interacts with powerful extraplanar entities (usually Demons) and utilises their power.

- Summoning (Infraflux)

The March Earth art of dealing with powerful extraplanar entities (usually Demons) and manifesting them on the Material Plane.

- Synth

Inorganic people or entities on March Earth.

- Tar Flats

A large region of March Earth in the former mid-western United States that is covered in living asphalt.

- Tar Moss

An inorganic asphalt/tarmac organism found in March USA that grows and spreads over flat terrain in a similar way to moss.

- Teleost Broadcasts

A series of global Morse code radio broadcasts in Infraflux's past that communicated stories, poetry, and technological how-to's.

- True Species

A life-form on March Earth that has the old rules of biological speciation and cannot reproduce outside its species.

- Umnthi

Sapient elephant people of March Earth.

- Variform Flora/Fauna

Wild organisms from the infinitely mutable ecosystem of March Earth.

- The White Church

A community-oriented Infraflux 'religion' of cybernetically enhanced members linked to a central sapient AI.

- Wilds

The untamed, dangerous spaces between settlements on March Earth.

- Witch (Infraflux)

A March Earth inhabitant who communicates with Spirits to use their power.

- Witch Sight (Infraflux)

The ability to perceive parts of a being's extraplanar self in a vision-like way.

- Witchblade

An object (not always a blade) used to summon a part of an extraplanar entity. Also the noun thereof.

- Witchcraft (Infraflux)

The March Earth art of persuading or threatening local Spirits to influence/alter yourself or your surroundings.

- Wizard (Infraflux)

A March Earth inhabitant who uses the mathematical force of Shine to alter reality directly.

- Wizardry (Infraflux)

The mathematical, controlled art of using Shine to influence reality; a type of March Earth magic.

Infraflux Slang

- Aqua-smooth

Hydrodynamic. Also, by extension, anything going smoothly and/or done very well, a statement of appreciation.

- Barker

Mildly rude Phinny term for someone who speaks human-like words or is land-dwelling in general. The literal translation is "seal-shout-person".

- Bob/Bib/Bibby

Gender non-specific way of saying "bloke" or "somebody".

- Bobbin

Affectionate term for a child of any kind.

- Clicky

A creature/person who is radioactive. Also used as an adjective. Inoffensive and commonly used.

- Hound/Houndy

A common term for people of a general quadrupedal build. Sometimes extended to refer to those who may not be quadrupedal, but also are not built like a human, such as those with two legs and a horizontal spine like a dinosaur, or those with totally different body structures. Also used as an adjective, e.g.: A houndy chair.

- Human/Kyarrot

Obviously this also refers to people who are still completely or mostly Homo sapiens, but calling someone who isn't human "a real human" implies they are a rare and special individual, someone you consider worthwhile and good. This is slang over most parts of Infraflux, but is uncommon in places where radicalised human isolationists have left a history or are still present, particularly parts of the African and N. American continents. In March Japan the phrase was originally used in japanese but has corrupted from ningen (human) to ninjin (carrot), to the Nihon Pidgin version kyarrot (possibly becoming entangled with the unit of value carat) but means the same thing.

- Lunny

Adjective: Somebody or something from the city of March London. Occasionally adds the meaning that such things/people are full of it or think too much of themselves. "Big city" implications.

- Monster

Similar meaning to toothy, but with the added implication of performing immoral deeds, not just cannibalism. Mainly used in Eurasia/Oceania.

- Nerd/Noid

Distanced from its former meanings, the term "nerd" now refers to people of a general humanoid build. Originating in March London, it evolved from the hybridisation of the original word, and the brief slang phase of calling humanoids "'noids". Noid is still a common word outside of March Europe and is the root of many awful puns in english. Also used as an adjective, e.g: A nerd car. Which is a car for nerds.

- The Pops

Cavitation: The habit of water to form bubbles of pressurised steam that "pop" along the trailing edge of a fin or other fast-moving underwater surface. Painful and well-known by aquatic denizens, the term is usually unfamiliar to land dwellers.

- The Pubes

Slang for March London's unpleasant public transport system.

- Roadrag/Rag/Get ragged

Roadkill or the act of becoming roadkill. Tar Flats slang.

- Robot

Highly offensive term for a Synth or Semi-synth from the early days of anti-Synth bigotry. Likely to get your ass kicked.

- Squeaker

Mildly offensive term for a Phinny, often used by young Phinnies regardless.

- Toothy/Toothie

A person willing to consume other sapient beings or the adjective thereof. A "cannibal". Used primarily in the N. American continent.

- Yooie

Originally "UE" from the Infraflux ID system, refers to any kind of creature/being that is spooky and weird and unrecognisable.

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