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Free Stuff!

aw yiss, muthafukin free stuff

Stuff I've Made

Go ham, no credit necessary but links back to here are appreciated so other people can find them!

Quinnvoker's Dragon Cursor-chaser

Using the dragon dividers below, my good and clever friend Quinn made a little dragon that will follow your cursor until it gets bored and starts wandering around!
Instructions on how to use and add it to your website are in the HTML of the page (right click on the page and select "View Page Source" or "inspect" to see it).

Dragon Dividers

These are all recolours of an old unsourced dragon gif from the geocities archive. All I've done is edit the original and make it transparent, but I had so much fun making different colours that it became A Thing and now I'm sharing it with everyone. To see how they look on dark backgrounds, I recommend using the theme switching button at the top of the page!

Original gif

Solid Colours

Single Colours

Two Colours - "maned"

Discrete Gradients

Continuous Gradients
!! These will not work correctly with Quinnvoker's cursor chaser! !!


Seamless Looping Textures (512x512)

(also work for website backgrounds)

3D Models

All of my models are low poly and optimised for VR/game specs unless otherwise specified. Click through to Sketchfab (the blue cube icon) to download!

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