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Worlds and Settings

This page is a list of all my worldbuilding settings! These are places from my imagination, that I create mostly just for fun. Usually there are characters that populate each world, but those are in another section all to themselves. At the moment only Infraflux has been worked on, but it is the largest and although there are still a lot of WIP pages I continue to work on it! There is much to be written and thought about u__u

Infraflux IconInfraflux

Infraflux is my biggest, most developed "headworld" AKA worldbuilding concept. I started working on it in about 2006 after being exposed to the art of the superb turbofanatic and spiralled out of control from there. The entire setting is referred to as "Infraflux", though technically the planet itself is known as March Earth and Infraflux is the name of the supercountry that covers a large portion of it.

In summary: Infraflux is a parallel version of our world that suffered a catastrophic re-writing of the laws of reality in the late 2000's. After a period of post-apocalyptic desolation, civilisation picked itself up again about 400 years later. Modern day Infraflux is an Earth populated by creatures and people that are a mix of synthetic and organic, real and unreal, divided into prosperous, safe cities and the hazardous wilds that separate them.

Key Infraflux Pages

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Other Infraflux Links


EBAMTAR is a modern, alternate-Earth headworld setting, where magical/mythological creatures and powers are real, hidden from mankind. The name EBAMTAR is an acronym, and stands for "Earth, But All Magical Things Are Real".

This is a somewhat generic headworld setting that can be compared to many existing ones in popular media such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, or Hellboy. Magical or otherwise supernatural forces and beings exist, and hide their existence from humankind. I have no idea when I started working on it because it basically formed around all my "modern fantasy" characters to provide them with a together home.


Eight Worlds IconEight Worlds

A setting that has gone through childhood worldbuilding, various levels of de-fantasy-fication, and has come out as a semi-hard scifi setting with humans and several different sapient species of alien and the planets they hail from. A constant WIP with very little story, these days Eight Worlds serves mainly for me to scratch that spec bio itch.

Eight Worlds Links

Black Razor IconBlack Razor

Black Razor is a parallel universe very similar to our own that is slowly ending. The decaying, void-infected state of reality leads to manifestations of "superpowers" in people that are rooted in mental illness and differing views on reality. Crime rates are higher, and in general it's a darker, creepier setting, with cryptids and strange beings changing a world that's showing its first symptoms of ceasing to exist.

Small Settings

Grey Dawn

A post-zombie-apocalypse Earth with intentionally loose and fuzzy worldbuilding, based on movie logic and general zombie genre grunge.


A deeply alternate timeline Earth where humanity's history was shaped by the existence of animal-human shapeshifters and varieties thereof.


A distant future where humans are extinct, resurrected on a "nature reserve" planet by spacefaring descendents of Earth cephalopods. Reserve is a water world with very little land, and the humans are altered in various ways to adapt to it.

Tapestry/Space Mammals

Soft sci-fi settings with "animal people" and "humans with extra" type alien races that might be linked.


Not a setting but an overarching cabal of linked characters that exist one-per-universe.

The Planar Multiverse

The majority of my worlds (though definitely not all) adhere to an overarching multiverse structure of a sort, based on the forces of Em (existence), Void (self-explanatory), Dim (dissonance), and Shine (harmony). Whether it's known/relevant to the inhabitants or not, worlds that fall under this multiverse structure exist within layers of reality known as "planes". Most of my settings take place on worlds with untouched, stable material planes, but Infraflux in particular is rife with ripples in this orderly planar structure. In other worlds, this multiverse structure may exist but bears no relevance to the worldbuilding, and the inhabitants have no awareness of it.


A a page listing all the silly make-believe terms I made up for my silly make-believe worldbuilding, if you wanted such a thing.

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