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Characters (WIP)

Behold, the gremlins that infest my thoughts!
I have many characters AKA "OCs" that I create pretty much without purpose just because it's fun to create little people and give them personalities and woes. This page is an abbreviated list of those who currently mean the most to me and/or I'm developing the most at present, so it will probably keep changing!

The best place to view my characters is on my ToyHouse, a site that is specifically designed to house character profiles. If you want an overall look at all my characters in the same place, with all their pictures, that's the best place to do it. If you just want to view one character's profile and associated artwork, clicking their picture will take you there!

Infraflux IconInfraflux Characters

(See full article)

Infraflux is an alternate future Earth setting that takes place 400 years from now after a semi-magical apocalypse that made everything Weird. Characters in this setting have a huge variety of forms; from humanoid to distinctly not, from organic bipeds to incorporeal digital intelligences. There are many side characters and historical/political figures that I have also created for Infraflux, but they are not listed here.


EBAMTAR is a generic modern fantasy setting with magical creatures existing hidden from humanity. Characters are varied but are usually based on mythological creatures and often have the option to shapeshift into a human form, if their natural form isn't humanoid. There's also a bunch of asian dragons because if you know me that's not surprising.


Other names: Edward Langport, Boss, Big Head Eddy, Carnifex
Species: Vampire
Pronouns: he
Age: ???


Other names: Madeline Tosetti
Species: Human
Pronouns: she
Age: 29

Beau Boggart

Other names: The Knocker Nag
Species: Boggart, bogeyman etc.
Pronouns: they, he
Age: Ancient


Other names: Hacchan, Happy, Hachikazu Aokawa, 八本水仙 東青川
Species: Japanese dragon (river/rain aspect)
Pronouns: he, they
Age: ~550 years


Other names: Kuro, Kuro-chan, Shou Kurosawa, 黒爪誘果
Species: Japanese dragon (good luck/bad luck aspect)
Pronouns: he
Age: ~250 years


Other names: The Rock of Takamori, 高森大黒鉛石煙幕大佐
Species: Chinese/Japanese dragon mix (earth, metal aspects)
Pronouns: he
Age: ~1600 years


Other names: Takeshi, The Black Fox of Gunpowder Hill, 火薬山の黒狐
Species: Locality deity (kami), "kitsune"
Pronouns: he, it
Age: theoretically as old as his hill

Black Razor IconBlack Razor Characters

Black Razor is the same as our Earth but the universe is decaying, putting cracks in reality and destabilising the world on a conceptual level. Thematically it's darker than my other headworlds, with crime and mental illness/altered perceptions of reality as a focus. The ToyHouse profiles of Black Razor characters can't be viewed unless you are both over 18 and logged into the ToyHouse site, for my own comfort.

Black Shark

Other names: Many throwaway aliases
Species: Human (Influenced)
Pronouns: he, she, they
Age: ??

Bunny / Hat / Rigel

Other names: Bunny often calls Hat "old crow", Hat often calls Bunny "butcher"
Species: Human (Influenced)
Pronouns: he
Age: ~25

Simon Blake

Other names: None
Species: Human (Influenced)
Pronouns: he
Age: late 20's

Blank IconGeneric Sci-Fi Characters

Spaceships and weird science and space furries oh my! Some of these guys have little conceptual niches they share, but most of them could be inserted into any soft or semi-hard scifi setting akin to Star Trek or other scifi tv shows.

Professor Fulcrum

Other names: Aaron Berényi
Species: Human with various animal genes
Pronouns: he
Age: 55-ish
Occupation: Mad scientist Geneticist and zoologist


Other names: Klugg
Species: Klugg (genetically engineered hominid, "super human")
Pronouns: Klugg (mostly she)
Age: 5-10, appears mid 20's-ish
Occupation: Probably a supervillain, but currently lowkey about it


Other names: None
Species: "Jabberwookie" (real name pending bluh)
Pronouns: he
Age: 40+
Occupation: Essentially the mafia don administrator of a trading/mining hub on an asteroid he owns


Other names: Shifter K, Shifter
Species: "Shifter" (unknown)
Pronouns: she, it
Age: ??
Occupation: Scifi horror movie antagonist

Blank IconGeneric Fantasy Characters

Even more generic than the generic scifi gang, these mostly belong in the Basic Pseudo-European Vaguely Medieval Fantasy World of many pieces of fictional media.


Other names: Ci, Lupa, Warbitch, Hound of Mars, various others
Species: Nemesis Hound
Pronouns: he, she, it
Age: Doesn't remember, possibly over 100 years
Occupation: Mercenary, heavy lifting, general wanderer - when not being a supernatural assassin


Other names: Garun Kesskarzal, The Cold-eyed King
Species: Dragon (storm, stone elements)
Pronouns: he
Age: ~500
Occupation: Former tyrannical wizard king, now attempting to do good deeds


Other names: Tasperion Mabbuck
Species: Human
Pronouns: he
Age: ~25
Occupation: Mercenary swordsman, sneaky bastard


Other names: Lume'li Greyshadow, Acalia Greyshadow (deadname)
Species: High elf/Dark elf mix
Pronouns: he
Age: ~50
Occupation: Mercenary spellcaster, dark mage


Other names: Oloroc Vordaska, The Warbird
Species: Vampire
Pronouns: he
Age: ???
Occupation: Engine of war


Other names: Fluffbutt
Species: Flying Tiger (white subspecies)
Pronouns: she
Age: ??
Occupation: Fluffy beast who is your friend

D20 IconTabletop Characters

Characters that I have played with my whole body or voice! Various dice-based roleplay games birthed these, varying in length from a few weekends to full multi-year campaigns.


Game System: D&D 5e
Pronouns: he
Race: Centaur (tweaked Monsters of the Multiverse version)
Class: Sorcerer (Lunar Magic, tweaked Unearthed Arcana vers.)
Campaign: Mythrim (classic high fantasy homebrew)
Status: Currently being played!


Game System: D&D 5e
Pronouns: she
Race: Tabaxi
Class: Monk (Way of the Open Palm)
Campaign: Heatwave (homebrew modern Los Angeles with hidden supernaturals)
Status: Concluded mini campaign (to be continued??)


Game System: 13th Age
Pronouns: he
Race: Tevarian (homebrew, mechanically a dwarf/half orc mashup with extra aquatic stuff)
Class: Cleric
Campaign: Dark Shoals (default 13th Age setting with a few homebrew elements)
Status: Retired after a 3 year campaign; reached max level and successfully saved the world


Game System: 13th Age
Pronouns: she
Race: Draconic (Bestiary 2 winged sub-race)
Class: Fighter/Barbarian
Campaign: The Wall Guard (coastal fort in the default 13th Age setting)
Status: Campaign busted up midway due to drama, she's floating in limbo now but I really really wanna play her again sob

Blank IconFan Characters

Characters based on existing media that I did not invent, but which I took and ran with!


Source Media: Doctor Who (tv show)
Pronouns: he (but she, it, they often used by others)
Species: Mara, possessed human


Source Media: Starbound (video game)
Pronouns: he
Species: Apex


Source Media: Starbound (video game)
Pronouns: she, they
Species: Novakid

Thermal Drift

Source Media: My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic tv show)
Pronouns: she
Species: Pegasus Pony

Blank IconNo Setting/Multi-Setting/Misc. Characters

Aalll the other weirdoes.


Other names: Zombie James, Half-dead James
Setting: Grey Dawn (generic post-zombie apocalypse setting)
Pronouns: he
Species: Zombified human
Occupation: Zombie killer

"The Captain"

Other names: The Bones of the Earth, Red Death
Setting: Grey Dawn, multi-setting
Pronouns: she, they, it
Species: Spirit??

"The Wasteland King"

Other names: ???
Setting: Mad Max style post-apocalyptic, multi-setting
Pronouns: he
Species: Augmented Human
Occupation: Self-appointed king, mediator, farmer, father

Mingle and Mangle

Other names: None
Setting: Paradise Lost/Dante's Inferno-inspired Hell, multi-setting
Pronouns: he (Mingle), she (Mangle)
Species: Christian Demons, fallen angel spawn
Occupation: Tormentors of the 5th Circle


Other names:
Setting: ???
Pronouns: he, it
Species: Inexplicably sapient shade of the colour red
Occupation: Being red and enjoying red (and green)


Other names: None
Setting: ???
Pronouns: he
Species: Coelacanth (L. chalumnae) gijinka
Occupation: Big brother, occasionally a revolutionary/anarchist

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