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Hi! My name is Quazar

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I'm some kinda dweeby person on the internet
who draws critters and yells about stuff.

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This is my Neocities page. It's still a work in progress, but here you'll be able to find links to my art, information about my worldbuilding projects and original characters, and maybe some other things that are even sillier. This site works on mobile but is NOT optimised for it, apologies mobile users.
I like to use title attributes and definition tags; if you see an unfamiliar word that looks kind of like a dead link, hover over it and you might get a definition.

Check out the Links page to view cool resources and find me in other places on the web!

Recent Updates:

I am working on this site all the time! Mostly it's filling out content for the Infraflux worldbuilding section at present. Please don't follow me on Neocities unless you are prepared for horrible chaotic updates because I use the in-house editor so when I update I update in terrible horrible nonsense page spam sorry

  • Changed guestbook to smartgb since 123guestbook is shutting down :(
  • Infraflux magic is DONE, phew.
  • Put "top" index links all over the site wheeze

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